2 New Fat-Fighters

Hello RoadRunners!

Don’t you love it when you can “kill two birds” with one snack? Research shows that two super-healthy foods that we already love can also prevent weight gain.

1 Turmeric

The yellow spice in curry was already known for being a potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, helping to prevent Alzheimer’s and other illnesses. New research suggests that it also prevents weight gain, even when you overeat! Granted, the research was done on mice, but when mice were put on a high-calorie, high-fat diet, they stored less fat if they were also eating turmeric.

The best turmeric supplement comes from a company called “NewMark.” It’s the gold standard because it’s organic and unprocessed. You can find it at my office or Whole Foods. You can also just cook with turmeric or sprinkle it on your food.

2 White Tea

You already knew that Green Tea contains substances that appear to boost metabolism and prevent fat storage. Now researchers are finding that White Tea may contain even more of these substances, because it is less processed. The other benefit is that White Tea contains even less caffeine (only 10mg/cup) and even more anti-oxidants.

You can find White Tea at Whole Foods and my office now sells several organic varieties. It tastes a lot better than green tea, too!

Put these foods on your grocery list now! You won’t find many other habits that give you so much “bang for your buck!”

Have a good week,


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