Diet for Happy


Do you ever have a day where your mood isn’t good and you aren’t sure why? New research suggests that you can blame the crackers…or cookies…or bread…and all processed food.

You already knew that unprocessed food (food that came straight from nature) is better for your health, but new research shows that it’s also better for your happiness! One recent study found that people who ate more processed foods were 25% more likely to suffer from depression.

This is interesting to me because many processed foods (especially carbs) can give you a momentary mood lift. This is why we self-medicate with “comfort foods.” But in the long term, apparently, they bring us down. So next time you’re feeling down, try to have the discipline to forego the quick junk food pick-me-up and invest in your longer-term happiness. Plus, remember that physical activity, laughter, pets and sunlight can give you a quick mood boost with less guilt!

Have a good week,


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