Healthy foods to get excited about


When you’re adopting better eating habits, it’s easy to feel like you’ve given up everything fun…your favorite sweets, breads, chips, drinks, and everything that makes eating enjoyable! What a bummer!

Eating is undeniably one of life’s great pleasures, so we need to keep you excited about healthy foods. Here are my favorite things to get excited about:

Green tea, red tea, white tea, blue, black and herbal. There are a million different kinds to try, some from exotic places, some that “flower” when you add hot water, some made from interesting herbs and flowers. Try becoming a tea connaisseur…it’s healthier AND cheaper than being a wine connaisseur!

Spices & Herbs
There are tons of different kinds, from all over the world, with amazing health properties, like preventing Alzheimers, improving circulation, boosting metabolism, preventing cancer, reducing joint pain, and lots more. There is a whole world to discover. …and you don’t need to cook fancy things to use them. I like putting new herb and spice combinations on easy things, like oatmeal, cottage cheese, yogurt, nuts and seeds, chicken breast or anything at all.

Exotic Fruit
Go to the section of your grocery store where you pay a little more, but get some intriguing treats, like kumquats, passion fruit, star fruit, boisenberries, and all kinds of nifty unusual things.

Go to Fish King, or another good seafood supplier and discover how many kinds of seafood you’ve never tried! Ever eaten octopus? Squid? Unusual shellfish? And don’t forget how fun it is to eat ceviche (there are a bunch of different kinds) and crab and lobster straight from the shell.

Game Meats
Ostrich, emu and buffalo all have more iron than red meat, with less fat than chicken breast. You can also try lean cuts of elk, rabbit or even guinea pig!

Have fun feeling like a hippy by eating hemp seeds, or try chia, golden flax, or the more common pumpkin or sunflower. You can find them all at Whole Foods–just remember to keep the serving size to 1/4 cup.

Farmer’s Markets
These always help me get re-excited about fresh produce. Be bold and ask the farmers how they enjoy their products. They often have great creative ideas, since they are forced to eat these foods all season long!

OK, let me know what exciting healthy foods I forgot. Hopefully this helps get you excited about all the tasty treats you can lood forward to…without the aftertaste of guilt!


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