Always Hungry?


There’s nothing worse than going through the day hungry! If you’ve got constant hunger, here are some solutions:

  1. Are you hungry because you are undereating? If your weight is coming off too fast, we may be underfeeding you! Come on in and we’ll find out. In the meantime, fill up on “free foods”, like raw veggies, salad with spray dressing, veggie soup and more veggies…
  2. Are you sleep-deprived, stressed or exhausted? These things increase appetite, so do your best to manage stress and get a good night’s sleep. If your stress is here to stay for a while, come see us for a supplement that can help your body not pay the price.
  3. Drink more water or green tea. Your body often thinks it’s hungry when it’s thirsty.
  4. Chew more. Research shows that you can feel more full on the same amount of food if you chew each bite 40 times. Plus, that will sure slow you down!
  5. Try our Bran-a-Crisp crackers or Sprinkles. They are a healthy, high-fiber, super-filling food that you can add to any meal or eat for a snack.
  6. Several supplements can help, if these other things don’t. We carry the ones that are research-tested to be the best, so come on in and see us if you are interested. OK, I hope some of these help! Don’t suffer in silence! Come on in and see us ASAP, so we can fine-tune your program and make sure you don’t go hungry any longer.

All my best,


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