Feeling Oppressed?


Do you ever feel like eating right means living under a tyrannical regime?! Like maybe there is some sadistic Nutrition-Dictator generating lots of complex rules for you to memorize? “Don’t eat after 7pm… Avoid white foods… Eat protein with your coffee… and on and on.

And when he feels ornery, he changes the rules: ” Go ahead, eat more eggs!”

The number and complexity of nutrition rules can be overwhelming, so if you want to simplify, here’s the only one you need to remember:

When you’re hungry, eat how nature intended.

That’s it. Every other nutrition truth is just a detail of this main principle, which will take care of your:

  • cravings
  • weight
  • cholesterol
  • blood sugar
  • heart health
  • mood & brain performance
  • food addictions
  • and just about every other goal, except sports nutrition

My upcoming weekly tips will continue on this theme…so we can all get great results without feeling oppressed by too many rules!

Have a good week,


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