Nature Foods fight Cravings


Last week I said that eating the way nature intended would address cravings and appetite. Get this:

Research shows that eating foods NOT intended by nature, specifically

Processed sugar, especially High-Fructose Corn Syrup
High concentrations of salt
High concentrations of fat
High concentrations of carbohydrate

all make your brain go crazy for food. They make you want to eat more, eat faster, and make you crave more of those foods later on. Basically, they make you act somewhat addicted, and some people’s brains are more susceptible than others’.

When you eat foods intended by nature, your brain doesn’t act nearly so addictive. The cravings go away and your appetite becomes less voracious. Your entire body gets more cooperative with your healthy-eating goals.

Sticking with only natural foods isn’t always easy, but do the best you can and know that it gets easier with time, as your taste buds and appetite quit wanting all the bad stuff.

Viva nature!


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