Nature Foods are the Hydration Secret


Here’s another way that eating Nature Foods can “kill 2 birds with one snack”: They hydrate you, often better than water alone. Here’s why:

  • Veggies are about 90% water, on average.
  • Fresh fruits are about 80% water
  • Whole grains are 60% water
  • Beans, lean proteins and other nature foods are also higher in water than processed or “factory” foods.

…and the water is bound to loads of healthy minerals (i.e., electrolytes) that help your body use the water. What’s more, all that water makes you feel full, so you tend to be satisfied on fewer calories.

Here’s the exception: If you are exercising in the heat or sweating profusely, you’ll want a sports drink. But for everyday normal hydration, fruits and veggies work wonders.

Have a good week,


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