Healthy Choices that Aren’t


Will power is a limited resource, so I want to make sure you aren’t spending any on choices that are less healthy than you think. I see this all the time, and I blame effective advertising for tricking us into believing that some junk food isn’t. Here’s my list of top offenders:

  1. Granola . Read the label, because many kinds are loaded with sugar and oil and the calories can get ridiculous.
  2. Graham Crackers. They’re mainly sugar and flour.
  3. Animal Crackers. Ditto.
  4. Cereal Bars. Ditto, but with vitamins and fiber added.
  5. Almost All Breakfast Cereal. Read the label and be skeptical of even healthy-looking brands — for example, Heart Smart has more sodium than potato chips.
  6. Nutrition Bars. Usually these are candy bars plus vitamins. Read the label.
  7. Baked Chips. Baked Lays and many others contain partially hydrogenated fats (i.e., the Grim Reaper Ingredient.)
  8. Protein Drinks. Most Americans eat way too much protein, thanks to recent fads. Save your kidneys and feel more satisfied by eating real food with real nutrients.
  9. Coffee Mate. OK, you never thought this was healthy, but most people don’t realize just how truly unhealthy it is, especially if you use more than one tiny serving per day. Again, it contains partially hydrogenated oils, which contribute to just about every health problem there is.

I’m sure I’m missing some, so please email me the other junk foods that somehow avoided the junky reputation. …and, if you know how to get such an inflatedly good reputation, please share ’cause it must be nice!

Have a good week,


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