Habituation Happens


As my nose grows accustomed to my recently-skunked dogs (ugh!), I am reminded of how all of our senses get de-sensitized to any stimulus that lasts more than a few moments. In my case, it means I can stand to enter my house again because although the stench is still there, I don’t smell it as strongly as I first did. In the case of our taste buds, it means that 90% of the flavor is in the first three bites, and then it quickly fades.

Enjoy and savor those first most-flavorful bites! Then, to fill up, you might as well move on to something VERY healthy.

Have a good week!


p.s. Our dog, Lemon, got skunk spray in her mouth, as her breath is 100% skunk. Thank goodness she probably can’t taste it anymore. That is the up-side of desensitization!

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