Don’t Throw That Out


This week make sure you don’t miss out on these healthy, convenient, beauty-enhancing foods that usually get discarded:

  1. The water left over from steaming veggies. Drink it or use it to make broth. Most of the nutrients lost in cooking end up in that water, making it surprisingly flavorful.

  2. Your garnish. That sprig of parsley, rosemary or other herb on your restaurant entree is packed full of anti-aging, anti-cancer nutrients, so eat up. It’s probably the healthiest thing the restaurant is serving you!

  3. Over-ripe fruits and veggies. They may be too ripe to eat, but they aren’t too ripe to wear! You’d pay $100 or more for a facialist to smear those antioxidant-rich ground pulps on your skin, so why not go right to the source? You might want to do this over the kitchen sink to avoid clogging your drain.

  4. Leftover coffee, tea, and coffee grounds. These are good for your skin too, and have been shown to help prevent sun damage. My dermatologist sells coffee-enhanced lotion for $125. I bet your spouse will give you his leftovers for free!

OK, have fun making a mess in the name of health and beauty,


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