Alcohol stops fat burning


It’s been a tough week, so choose your weekend relaxation carefully, with this in mind:

As soon as alcohol enters your body, you stop burning calories from carbs, fat or protein. Your body prefers to burn off the alcohol first. That means any other calories in your system have nowhere to go but your gut.

Having drinks with a splurge meal means gaining lots of new fat. Pizza and beer? Vodka and pasta? Margharitas and chips? Welcome a guaranteed extra layer of blubber.

If you really want to enjoy a drink or two, then have it with a very healthy and low-calorie meal, like fish and salad, chicken and veggies, etc. The alcohol may still lower your metabolism and stimulate your appetite, but at least you won’t store your dinner as a new fat roll.

Also, remember that alcohol has more calories than carbs or protein: 7 calories/gram versus 4.5/gram. Fat still beats them all at 9 calories/gram.

OK, have I ruined your weekend yet? Find something FUN BESIDES DRINKING!! Let me know what that is!

All my best,


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