A single sugar binge…


As Halloween draws near, it’s time to remember that research suggests you are only one sugar binge away from being a sugar junkie.

Princeton neuroscientists have proven (in rats, anyway; but rat brains are supposedly similar to ours) that sugar is addictive , and it only takes one sugar binge to make your brain crave it like an addict and go through withdrawal when you don’t get it.

So how will you get through Halloween without sugar? Will you roast pumpkin seeds? Bob for apples? Make Lauren’s famous pumpkin pie smoothie (blend canned pumpkin, almond milk, pumpkin pie spices, ice–delicious!)? Will you give out stickers instead of candy, so you don’t have temptation in the house?

Make a plan right now , so you don’t let the scariest part of Halloween be your cravings.

Have a good week,


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