Cocaine Cookies, anyone?


Did you hear about the latest findings regarding sugar addiction? Princeton neuroscientists gave rats a choice between intravenous cocaine and drinking sugar water. Guess what the rats chose.


Scientists tell us that human brains are similar, when it comes to addictions, and we need to take sugar addiction much more seriously! Moderation may not be an option for many people, just like other addictive substances. If we re-classify sugar as seriously addictive, like crack cocaine, it will be much easier to avoid it.

So don’t let advertising convince you that sugar is an innocent, wholesome, necessary treat. Those rats would argue that it’s better to put cocaine in our holiday cookies!

All my best,


p.s. Laughter Yoga chuckles again at my Pasadena home-office on Sunday, December 12, 4-5pm. Please join us! RSVP to this email.

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