Jill’s New Book for Saving Will Power

Hello and Thank You!

I’m finally finished writing about what YOU have taught me, by including me in your journeys to better fitness. By sharing your struggles, successes and experiences, you’ve taught me that

Relying on Will Power Is Not The Smart Approach

because either it eventually fails or else you live your life working way too hard.

My new book explains what you’ve shown me IS the better way: Changing your appetite, taste buds, cravings and other “inner sabateurs” to work FOR you instead of AGAINST you, so that eating right means eating what you want . The book is called

Don’t Be Social Tofu
…and hundreds of other smart weight loss tactics for silencing the devil on your shoulder

You can get it here at Amazon.com or else at my office. It’s $9.95 for the first copy and, if you purchase it at my office, any additional copies (of this book or my first one, ” Jill’s Best Tips “) are $5.00 apiece.

My hope is that this book saves you some struggle. These methods have certainly saved me lots of effort, so again, many thanks for teaching me the smarter, easier way!


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