Brains need Carbs


Two weeks ago I recommended reducing your starch intake if you are worried about “sitting syndrome”, where prolonged daily sitting can shorten your life, partially by raising your blood sugar.

Today I want to remind you that you do indeed need some carbs. Your brain can’t use fat and protein for it’s main fuel, the way that muscles are able to. Your brain needs carbs, and it needs quite a few. It’s a hungry organ and it consumes about 100g or about 450 calories of carbohydrates every day.

So don’t cut out your carbs completely…you’ll get cranky, forgetful and the “brain fog” will set in. Fresh fruit, veggies, whole grains, and dairy all provide carbohydrates with loads of nutrients. Aim to eat enough of those to keep your brain well-fueled.

Finding the right quantity of carbs is admittedly tricky. If you are struggling, you can always come see us for help.

Have a good week,


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