The Problem with SuperFoods


Next time you are thinking of jumping on the bandwagon of the hot, new SuperFood or product, remember yesterday’s great ideas that backfired.

Remember these would-be (but weren’t) SuperStars?

Margarine: We thought it was a great way to avoid saturated fat, and only made a much worse fat; trans fat.
Raw Eggs: These were popular in the early days of weight lifting. Now we know that they can cause nutrient deficiences.
Pom Wonderful Juice: Later disciplined by the FDA for false claims.
Emergen-C: Ditto, but is still popular because people didn’t hear the news.
Soy Foods: Americans now eat so much in processed forms, that we are likely doing more harm than good.
Vitamin C Mega-Doses: Shorten your life, but researchers aren’t yet sure why. There are loads of other examples and this is why you may not want to be an early adopter of nutritional “hot trends.”

Have a good week,


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