How Super-Succeeders Do It


Will Power Battles.


We are accustomed to thinking these are inevitable parts of healthy permanent weight loss.

But “Super-Succeeders” manage to avoid all this pain and suffering. We can learn from them!

Over my 14 years of working with people, I’ve noticed that a small percentage of clients, my “Super-Succeeders”, approach nutrition and weight loss differently, and get amazing lifelong results…WITHOUT THE STRUGGLE.

The great news is that their methods are ones that anybody can learn. They:

  • Have a slightly different mindset
  • Change their taste buds and appetite
  • Start hard-core, even if they cheat plenty later on
  • Use their social skills to earn “will power vacations”
  • Regain self-control around seductive foods
  • Get their habits on Auto-pilot faster
  • Learn to spend their limited will power smarter

I’m so impressed by their smarter ways that I’m writing a book about it, and tomorrow I’ll be sharing their tricks. Please join me for a small, informal discussion:

How the Super-Succeeders Do it: Lose Weight, Keep it Off, With the Struggle
Saturday, January 29th 1-2pm
La Canada Office (address below)
No cost, but space is limited
RSVP to this email

This really is the best stuff I’ve learned from my first 10,000 clients, and I believe it is the key to lifelong success. Simply by changing to their mindset, this approach has taken the struggle out of my personal weight management, and made me lose 5 more pounds without even trying. I am very excited about what these “Super-Succeeders” teach us. If you are working hard at your weight, I think I can save you some effort. Please join me!

(…and if you ARE one of these Super-Succeeders that showed me the way, THANK YOU for your example!)

All my best,


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