Super Bowl Blood Sugar


If you are a Super Bowl fan, be on guard. Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest eating day of the year, and much of the eating is so mindless that you don’t even savor it!

(Thanksgiving is the biggest eating day, but does less damage, in my opinion, because at least some of the food is healthy.)

Dominoes and Pizza Hut deliver the most pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday: 3.5 million. The most chicken wings, chips and beer are consumed this day also.

Remember this: If you spike your blood sugar, you WILL store fat, and adrenaline gets your blood sugar higher to start with. The more hyped-up you get on adrenaline, the more low-carb your snacks should be.

Make a plan RIGHT NOW for how you won’t mindlessly eat away the afternoon. Decide to either…

–have veggies available
–chew gum instead of eating
–sit far away from the snacks
–brush your teeth right before the game, so you won’t feel like snacking
–tell your buddies you’ll pay them $1 every time they catch you putting chips in your mouth
–keep your hands busy with something besides food
–keep a glass of water next to your beer and drink one-for-one
–impress me with your other smart strategies!

OK, make me proud and GO PACKERS!

Have a good week,


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