The Problem with Calorie-Counting


All kinds of websites and apps make it easier than ever to count calories, but here is the problem:

1) Research proves that most of us–even trained experts–underestimate portion sizes by about 30%. The app only counts what you SAY you ate, and you likely ate more.

2) Restaurant meals often have many more calories than the menus state. Nutrition researchers from Tufts report that the listed calories are frequently off by up to 100%. This is because the chef may not be following the recipes perfectly.

(Remember, every extra tablespoon of oil or butter is 120 calories. Every extra ounce of bread or flour is 100 calories. It adds up fast.)

3) Even if you perfectly determine the number of calories you EAT, you don’t know how many you ABSORB. Dietary fiber, genetics and other factors can influence how many calories pass through.

So use a calorie-counter if it helps you, but remember its limitations. Your pants will often be a better judge of whether you are eating the right number of calories.

Have a good week!


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