Another Reason It All Matters


Last week I explained one reason that every tiny healthy behavior matters, even when it feels insignificant: It either strengthens or weakens a habit, which DOES make a big difference.

Here’s another reason every tiny choice matters:

Research shows that every good healthy act makes the next one come a little easier. For example, once people start walking, they are more likely to quit smoking, and this makes them more likely to take on even more good habits, and so on.

That means each healthy act earns “compound interest”. You know, it’s the thing that turns a daily $1 investment into a million dollars at retirement because you keep earning interest on interest on interest…

It makes a small daily sacrifice turn into a pot of gold over time.

No individual dollar mattered very much, and yet… voila! A million bucks. Every healthy act is like one of those dollars invested. Give it time to earn interest.

OK, enough with financial metaphors. Can you tell I’m gearing up to work on taxes? Ugh. Have a good week!


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