Why “it doesn’t matter” matters


It seems like many people, including weight loss experts, say “it doesn’t make a difference” WAY too often. Just this week, I’ve seen and heard professionals say these healthy acts aren’t really worth the trouble:

–Drinking cold water for the metabolism boost; because it only adds up to about 60 calories per day
–Foregoing the cheese on your sandwich; because it only removes about 100 calories
–Skipping the cake at a wedding; because weddings don’t happen that often
–Switching from low-fat milk to nonfat; because it only saves you 20 calories per cup

What short-term thinking! While each individual act is insignificant to your weight, they combine to make long-term habits that make ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Need to see the math? The nonfat milk habit will take 8 sticks of butter off your body by the end of the year and the no-cheese on sandwiches habit will take off 40, if each habit is practiced daily. Isn’t 48 sticks of butter off your gut a good payoff for a year’s worth of relatively painless changes?

What’s more, I’ve noticed that the weight loss Super-Succeeders have the attitude that “It all matters”…every single little victory.

So while it’s true that each individual behavior doesn’t make a noticeable difference to your weight, the ATTITUDE WHICH GUIDES IT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE. The behaviors, then, don’t matter. They are just a side-effect of the attitude, which does.

Have a good week!


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