A Good Drinking Habit?

Hello! It feels almost as if I’m suggesting substance abuse here, but the research seems pretty strong that you might want to plan your daily drink schedule around…

1-2 cups of coffee, made fresh, about an hour before morning exercise (but not if you are pregnant.) This may help keep your brain and muscles youthful. 1-3ish cups of green tea, with a squirt of lemon to boost antioxidant effect. This may help fight aging, cancer and anxiety. It also appears to boost metabolism and fat-burning. Read your medication labels, though. Some forbid green tea. plenty of water

1-2 glasses of red wine (1 for women, 2 for men). This may protect your heart and help keep you youthful.

Keep in mind that wine can be counterproductive for weight loss or good sleep, and caffeine makes some people sleepless or miserable, so pay attention to what works for you personally. And if you can’t stick to the moderate quantities, forget these altogether. Otherwise…

Happy drinking!


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