Coffee Tips


If you love coffee, you’ll like the latest research suggesting that it can be good for keeping your brain and muscles youthful. Here are some details and tips from Ori Hofmekler, a coffee researcher who has great things to say about it:

–Avoid caffeine when pregnant.
–Coffee before exercise (not after) is good for your workout and muscles.
–Look for organic coffee.
–Avoid coffee that doesn’t smell fresh. It is likely rancid and has no benefits.
–Buy whole coffee beans and grind them yourself, to get the most antioxidants.
–Avoid putting hot coffee in plastic or styrofoam containers, where you may end up drinking unhealthy chemicals.
–Instant coffee doesn’t count.
–Don’t add sugar!

Benefits seem to come at around 2 cups per day. After that, I suggest switching to green tea.

Happy drinking,


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