Farewell Food Pyramid


Part of me is all excited to see what new food guidelines are announced tomorrow when the USDA officially replaces the old Food Pyramid. But part of me thinks no matter what they say, it won’t matter because:

We all KNOW what we should eat. DOING it is the problem.

So here are my Food Guidelines for DOING it:

  1. Plan and prepare.

  2. Recognize when a food is addictive to you. Don’t persist in trying to eat it in moderation if it acts like crack cocaine to your system. Giving it up is easier.

  3. Don’t feel bad when your will power fails. Instead, devise a plan to avoid relying on it.

  4. Get enough sleep.

  5. Don’t be surprised when a lack of planning, time, sleep and attention lead to poor eating. Just carve out the time to do these things and you’ll be back on track.

  6. Tell as many people about your goals and ask for their help and support. Even if they don’t help you via logistics or social support, you’ll have extra accountability…so painful, but effective!

  7. Never say “I blew it, so scr*w it.” 90% of the damage happens after that. Doing your flawed best works wonders.

…and be a little skeptical of nutrition advice that comes from any government agency that once allowed ketchup to count as a serving of vegetables in schools.

Have a good week!


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