You deserve a break today…


Do you work hard? Take care of lots of things and people? Do your best to do the right things and do them well?

Then you deserve a treat sometimes: Indulge!

It can either be something common, like wine, pizza or cake, where your treat will be over in a few short moments and you’ll be left with only the memory, regret, fat and health consequences


It can be a satisfying healthy treat, like a bubble bath, massage, movie, nap, time alone, shopping fun, or other NON-EDIBLE reward that brings you comfort AND health.

Try to make the switch. Stop rewarding yourself with foods that indulge you for a minute but punish in the long term.

Make your list RIGHT NOW of non-edible rewards that you can seek next time you deserve a break. It’s much easier to eat right once you have replaced the food rewards with something else.

Laughter is a good one, so please join us for Laughter Yoga (this Sunday 5pm, in Ellie’s garden next to my Pasadena office, free, super-healthy, oddly addicting, RSVP if you want more information.)

Have a good week!


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