Thanksgiving done better


Giving thanks via pigging out is so un-creative! That’s a wasted celebration…even before you feel stuffed and sick…even before you regret stretching your stomach and blitzing your taste buds so that returning to your normal diet leaves you hungry and unsatisfied for days after.

So start thinking of other, healthier, fun ways to make Thanksgiving special. How about:

  • a family hike, and maybe use the time to reflect on things for which you are thankful
  • a game, like Twister, charades, frisbee or flag football
  • a silly contest, perhaps on the Wii or a healthy Iron Chef cooking challenge
  • arts or crafts, like making turkeys out of pine cones
  • singing or dancing or karaoke or other musical activities
  • volunteering at a local shelter
  • rocking your pet’s world with a special treat, like filling a pinata with dog toys or catnip

…or just preparing healthier recipes and savoring them slowly, with thanks.

Let me know your ideas for celebrating without blasting your blood sugar and clogging your arteries.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jill, Joyce, Amy, Catherine & Naryne

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