Motivation or Will Power Problems?


You ate. You drank. You had a great holiday. You are tired of decadent food. And yet you are having a hard time getting back on track with nutrition and exercise.

Is that you? I hope not, but if it is, you aren’t alone.

After speaking to lots of folks in this situation, I’ve noticed a common problem: The fun and excitement of the holidays is finished and now you feel you have nothing exciting happening for weeks. It’s back to work or school, nose to the grindstone, short days, no spending sprees and relative drudgery.

What’s to look forward to? Not much except for…

EATING: The reward that never fails.

If your main rewards right now are edible ones, look out! If you work hard all day with only dinner to look forward to, beware. If your only break from work is to snack, take note. This situation will leave you fat or miserable or both.

The solution is to have plenty of non-edible delights. Every day. Especially at night, when it’s time for some well-deserved relaxation and reward! Even if it is just watching a tv show, hugging your pets, reading a good book or taking a bath, you need something besides taste bud stimulation as a reward. That makes it infinitely easier to pass on dessert.

Happy New Year!


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