Super-Binge Sunday


The Super Bowl is well established as America’s #1 junk food fest of the year. It beats Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving for excess calories consumed and here’s the worst part:

They are mostly mindless.

The chips, pizza or whatever, get consumed without being savored or even noticed, in some cases. That’s a crime!

So make a vow right now to either:

A) Savor any junk you choose to eat. Make it worth it. Smell it, taste it, eat it slowly and enjoy,
B) Serve healthier snacks, like:

  • Celery with guacamole
  • Endive with salsa
  • Make-your-own veggie pizza
  • Baby carrots with dip
  • Cucumber slices with humus
  • Baked kale chips

Or how about both?!

Have a good week,


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