The Lance Armstrong Food Lesson


Until recently, I really thought Lance Armstrong was clean. I believed that his supposed extreme dedication to his sports nutrition was his edge. All serious athletes KNOW the same sports nutrition principles, but he was reputed to being the most committed to following them…day in and day out.

OK, so that wasn’t his edge, but here is what I know for sure:

My experience with clients has proved time and again that while most people skim over the details of exactly what/when/how much to eat, attending to them makes a HUGE difference!

I’m not trying to imply that everyone should get obsessed with the nutrition details, but I am saying that engaging with them–and treating them like they are important–can often triple or quadruple the speed of results. …even though it feels like you may be only working a little bit harder.

I’m so impressed with this effect in everyday people that I thought it easily accounted for Lance Armstrong’s superiority.

Oh well…it wasn’t his edge, but it can be yours, if you want.

I swear! The attitude that “Every Bite Makes a Difference” can hugely improve results even when you were already pretty dedicated.

So do this experiment for me: For one week, take the attitude that EVERY SINGLE food choice (other healthy deed) makes a big difference…even if you know it doesn’t. …and even if you don’t have the will power to be perfect. Just take on this attitude and see how much it affects your results. I bet you’ll be surprised.

In my experience, this one mental shift is almost as powerful as Lance’s EPO.

Have a good week!


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