What happens on Thanksgiving…

Happy Thanksgiving!

My advice this holiday is “What happens on Thanksgiving STAYS on Thanksgiving.”

In my experience, the real nutritional damage of any splurge is NOT in the splurge itself, but in the after-effects, like:

  • a stretched stomach that needs more food to feel satisfied
  • blitzed taste buds that no longer find “clean” food satisfying
  • new cravings that are awakened…then enslave you
  • new bad habits that are unwittingly set in motion

These small-but-ongoing factors adds up to much more damage than the one-time splurge.

I see this frequently, like when clients return from a vacation or after a holiday. Their eating habits are just 5% worse ever since “the big splurge” and it causes them to gradually gain weight without understanding why. Take pains not to let this happen by being extra vigilant in the few days afterwards.

The price you pay for that splurge may be that:

  • normal “clean” food tastes bland until your taste buds heal
  • your regular meals don’t fill you up, until your stomach shrinks back
  • you need to resist your new cravings until they go away

It’s just your biology adapting back, and it usually takes a few days. It’s like the hangover you might endure after a wild trip to Vegas.

If you don’t want to pay this price, consider not splurging so much in the first place. If you are OK with paying this price, then go ahead and enjoy your Thanksgiving like a wild trip to Vegas…where you will leave all traces of it there.

I’m ever-so-grateful to be part of your life and to have you as part of mine. Chew slowly, savor, and have a wonderful holiday!

-Your DfH Family,
Jill, Amy, Catherine, Naryne, Joyce & Devon

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