Better Judgment’s Secret Weapons


Did your better judgement make all your food choices this past week? If not, who (or what) did?

  • Your laziness?
  • Your cravings?
  • Your addictions?
  • Your taste buds?
  • Your desperate hunger?
  • Your friends?
  • Your need for comfort?
  • Your office vending machine?
  • Your workplace cafeteria?
  • Your current airline or airport?
  • Your kids, via what they left on their plate?
  • Food companies, via what they made convenient?
  • Fate?

If your better judgement didn’t make enough of the food decisions, the solution is easy:

Plan farther ahead and be more prepared.

These things give great strength to better judgement. They are boring and obvious, but still the best tools around…and often forgotten. Any time you are struggling, try planning ahead in extreme detail for the coming week and see if it doesn’t work wonders.

Have a good week!


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