Happy Independence (from food tyranny) Day!


This Fourth of July holiday is a good time to reflect on how it’s no good living under the tyranny of Kings OR HABITS that do you wrong.

So here is a list of foods proven most likely to make you lose self-control or become outright addicted. You might want to consider doing an experiment of living without them for a couple of weeks, to find out if you eat them out of true enjoyment or just plain addiction.

Foods most likely to enslave you to their addictive powers:

  • foods containing processed sugar, especially
  • foods containing both salt and sugar
  • foods containing the addictive trio: salt + fat + starch (look out…this is a lot of foods and most of what is on any menu)
  • foods containing MSG or Nutrasweet
  • some full-fat cheeses
  • alcohol
  • caffeine

If you find that a food makes you act like an addict, I suggest that you either give it up entirely or else try a slightly less-processed version of the same food. For example, many people who lose self-control around potato chips can be satisfied by a baked potato with olive oil and salt–the same ingredients, but less processed.

Luckily, the Fourth of July is a great time to celebrate delicious unprocessed clean foods, like grilled chicken, salmon, zucchini, corn on the cob and portobello mushrooms, plus fresh berries and watermelon. What a great reminder that there is a plethora of delectable treats that are satisfying rather than addicting.

Have a great holiday!


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