Don’t change your Life. Change your Routine.


If you set out to change your whole life–in terms of eating and exercise habits–the odds are stacked against you. A depressing 95% of people fail to reach and maintain their fitness goals because they can’t sustain the monumental effort.

But much of life is just daily routines, and those are relatively EASY to change. A better breakfast can change your energy, hunger and cravings all day long. An extra weekly grocery stop can keep you eating cleaner for days. A walk around the block plus green tea can boost your metabolism, energy and mood for hours. A prepared snack can save you from eating junk (and the addiction that goes with it.) A new hobby at night can keep you from mindlessly munching.

And because it only takes 19 calories per day to equal 20 pounds of fat per decade, the small consistent habits are everything.

So forget about grand fitness initiatives until you have done the much more valuable exercise of thinking about what small sustainable changes you could make to your daily routine.

As you plan New Year’s Resolutions, make this your mantra: Don’t change your life. Change your routine.

Happy Holidays!


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