Happier New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!

If you are making new year’s resolutions about health, here’s my advice:

Make the time to make them fun….or at least non-hurried and non-stressful.

If you plan to eat healthier, make time to experiment with new foods, to browse recipes or the produce aisle, or to prepare your meals in a relaxed way, perhaps with music, or with a friend.

If you plan to exercise more, make time for it to be a relaxed or social experience, rather than a mad dash to get in, sweat, shower, and race to your next obligation.

New health initiatives can either feel like going to summer camp (new adventures!) or prison camp (oppression!), and it often comes down to whether you have made time to enjoy the process…or at least to find it interesting.

All my best for a wonderful 2014!


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