New Year’s Will Power Tip

Happy New Year!

If you want to improve your health habits this month, then here is a valuable tip:

Will Power succeeds much better when you focus on what you WILL do, rather than on what you WON’T.

For example, replace “no-no” resolutions like this:

  • I won’t eat bread at dinner
  • I’ll stop overeating
  • I won’t drink booze after dinner
  • I won’t eat just to alleviate stress

With “to-do” resolutions like this:

  • I will eat a salad with dinner
  • I will set my fork down between bites to eat slower
  • I will drink herbal teas after dinner
  • I’ll get a massage when I’m overwhelmed with stress

The best to-do items are those that actively interfere with your being able to do the unwanted habit. For example, mindless nibbling isn’t possible when you’re taking a bath, a walk or a yoga class. And, incidentally, if you wanted to justify playing computer games, they’ve been proven to help people avoid nighttime munching.

It’s a seemingly minor shift in focus, but it hugely raises your chances for success: So take some time RIGHT NOW to rephrase any “will not” resolutions into positive “to-do” items.

And have a wonderful new year!


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