Eating Alone Opportunities


When your family is away, do you eat worse? Do you get lazy, order take-out, eat pre-packaged meals or use it as an excuse to eat junk? I speak to many clients who live on cereal, pizza or delivered Asian food when nobody else is home.

But that’s a missed opportunity! When you’ve got the house to yourself, consider…

  1. Eating super-foods that make the house smell, like:

    • garlic
    • onions
    • boiled cauliflower, “mashed faux-tatoes”
    • steamed broccoli
    • roasted Brussels sprouts
    • angel hair cabbage (sliced and boiled, to feel like spaghetti)
  2. Eating healthy foods that might produce embarrassing gas, like:

    • beans
    • lentils
    • cruciferous veggies, like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage
    • higher fiber foods
  3. Experimenting with healthy foods that might need fine-tuning before using them with your family, like:

    • using seaweed in soups, on salads or as flavoring
    • adding kale, spinach or other veggies to smoothies
    • steaming fish or any other new cooking methods
    • blending veggies into marinara sauce, guacamole, hummus or other “hiding places”
    • trying recipes that might sound disgusting at first, like salmon pate (which involves putting canned salmon in the blender)

Not only will these things make you healthier, but they make it easier to avoid the temptation of eating junk. Focussing on what you will eat, instead of what you won’t is rule #1 of strong will power.

Happy stinky eating!


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