Smarter Wrapper Foods


Do you eat bread, tortillas, chips or crackers because you love them, or just because they hold your sandwiches, burritos and cracker toppings? It pays to question whether they are worth it and whether you could find a smart substitute. Get this:

  • Save 440 calories by replacing your burrito wrapper with a “bare” burrito
  • Save 160 calories by replacing your sandwich bread with a lettuce wrap
  • Save about 100 calories by putting your hummus on veggies instead of a pita bread
  • Save about 140 calories by having your salsa, guacamole or dip on celery instead of an ounce of chips
  • Save another 140 calories by having your ceviche in lettuce cups instead of on a serving of chips
  • Save about 100 calories putting your cheese on tomato slices instead of an ounce of crackers
  • Save hundreds of calories putting your pizza toppings on a baked eggplant slice or upside down portobello mushroom

You get the idea. There’s no point eating junky calories when they were just serving as the delivery mechanism for what you really wanted to eat.

Please share your ideas for smart delivery foods and have a good week!


p.s. The other day I saw a man at Whole Foods trying to wrap his cold cuts in a sheet of sushi seaweed. It wasn’t working very well, and his food was falling all over the place. But I applaud his experimenting and the fact he was committed to saving over 45,000 calories per year by skipping the daily sandwich bread!

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