Learn from Lent


If you struggle to resist any junky treats, here are three valuable lessons that many clients report learning this time of year:

  • Lesson 1: The loss (of a favorite treat) is temporary

Giving up a favorite junky food (for Lent or any time) is hard….but only for a while. Most people stop craving it after a few weeks. They no longer think about it, pine for it or even want it.

But then, after Lent, they eat the old treat again and…

  • Lesson 2: The infatuation comes back shockingly fast

Upon trying the treat again, many people don’t even enjoy the first few bites. The food seems over-flavored and over-processed. But habit, curiosity, or a quest for that old “hit” make them finish the treat and before they know it, they are hooked anew.

  • Lesson 3: Next time, don’t go back!

When you work hard to give up a junky food, and reach that wonderful place of no longer wanting it, don’t get curious about trying it again! Instead, reap the rewards of living free from junk-food-want.

Have a good week!


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