The Easter Blunder


After 15 years in this business, I am no longer surprised when Easter rolls around and presents these two depressing facts:

  1. Easter is the biggest weight gain holiday for my clients. I haven’t figured out why (Jelly Belly sugar spikes? Spring break? Our guard is down, but the treats are plentiful? End-of-Lent splurge?), but every year so far this has been the case. So be vigilant!

  2. Lots of clients waste all the hard work they accomplished over Lent. Here’s the common scenario: You gave up a junky favorite food for Lent, missed it like crazy for a few weeks, forgot about it, tried it again after Easter and didn’t even enjoy it….and here’s where the common error occurs. Instead of writing it off forever–and being healthier and leaner for it–you eat a whole bunch more. Curiosity, habit or carelessness make you eat it, despite having lost the taste for it. But here’s the bummer: If you eat enough, you will blitz your tastebuds back to the Dark Ages and again love that food. Now you need to fight a will power battle every time you resist.

Every year I speak to many people who experience these two bummer situations. Don’t be one of them!

Have a good week and a happy Easter!


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