When am I “There”


Get the right mindset for nutrition and weight success by identifying the right goal.

You are NOT “there” when…

  • you reach your college weight

  • are a size 6

  • can run xx miles

  • hit the perfect body fat %

Research shows that 95% of people who get “there” don’t stay “there”. So work toward something better.

In my experience, you’re “there” when:

  • your taste buds are trained to truly prefer “clean” foods

  • you know how to win back your taste buds, should they defect to the dark (processed) side

  • you look forward to running xx miles

  • your healthy habits are on automatic pilot

  • your family and friends are trained to support you

  • your appetite is smaller

  • you know how to shrink your appetite, should it defect to the dark (big) side

These are just skills to learn, like any others. But you might forget to work on them if you are too focussed on the wrong definition of “getting there.”

It’s just like that saying about “give a man a fish…” versus teaching him to fish.

Learn to fish.

Have a good week!


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