A great new willpower saver

Willpower experts tell us the best approach to willpower is NOT TO RELY ON IT! It’s a fair-weather friend, and is known to be weak in times of stress, distraction, fatigue, bad mood, low blood sugar, and presence of calorie-dense foods. And, even when we succeed at resisting temptations, the mental effort is proven to drain our willpower batteries, decreasing discipline for other goals. So here’s a new tool for willpower preservation:

The Kitchen Safe.

It’s a plastic box, much like a Tupperware container, with a timed locking mechanism. You can set the timer to lock the box for any amount of time, and it will be completely un-openable until that time. It’s great for when you must keep tempting treats in the house, but don’t want to be tempted to nibble. It costs about $50.

I like using mine for foods that will otherwise call to me at night. By enjoying a sensible treat at 7pm, then locking away leftovers until the next morning, I don’t get tempted to nibble all evening. Many people report that it frees the mind from being “owned” by junky treats in the house.

You can learn more or buy at http://www.TheKitchenSafe.com. I’m not getting paid for this plug–I just think it’s a great product. Willpower is a terrible thing to waste.

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