Healthy Gift Ideas

Happy Holiday Shopping Season!

Why not give (and ask for!) holiday gifts that promote health and fitness all year long? Here are some suggestions.

Exercise Gear:

  • heart rate monitor
  • pedometer
  • hand weights
  • exercise bands
  • exerball
  • Bosu ball
  • exercise videos
  • Camelback water pouch
  • water bottle with filter built in
  • exercise clothes
  • GPS pedometer
  • IPod
  • waterproof iPod case (for swimming)
  • reflective clothing
  • inline skates
  • treadmill, stair climber, etc.
  • pilates equipment–mats, reformer, etc.
  • mini trampoline

Gift Certificates:

  • personal training
  • massage
  • gym membership
  • spa treatments
  • cooking lessons
  • dancing lessons
  • a personal chef for a week
  • ZEN food delivery

Healthy cooking accessories:

  • Spiralizer
  • George Foreman Grill
  • slow cooker
  • vegetable juicer
  • yogurt maker
  • grain thermos
  • veggie steamer
  • tea and tea accessories
  • milk foamer
  • egg poacher
  • automatic egg boiler
  • salad spinner
  • exotic spices, herbs

Other items:

  • healthy magazine subscription
  • health newsletter subscription
  • books, cookbooks
  • fruit-of-the-month
  • spa item-of-the-month-club
  • tempurpedic mattress
  • body pillow
  • eye mask
  • massage chair
  • air purifier
  • small bowls and plates (because you eat less on small dinnerware)
  • epsom bath salts

There are fun new healthy gifts being invented every day, so let us know what we missed!

Happy Holiday Season!

Jill & Amy

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