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3 times when moderation doesn’t work

junkWhile the golden rule of eating — “everything in moderation” — is often a great policy, there are a few times when it can backfire.

Moderation doesn’t work for:

  1. Food allergies or Celiac disease.  If you have a true allergy or Celiac disease, then eating just a little bit of the trigger food can still bring on the full wrath of your immune response (i.e., inflammation and damage). That one little bite isn’t harmless.
  2. Food addictions.  Sugar addicts know that a little sugar just makes them crave more and more and more. It awakens a beast. Eating none is easier than eating a moderate amount. Sugar isn’t the only food that can be addictive, so watch out for anything that makes you act like a junkie.
  3. Justifying bad habits.  We commonly hear from people who never realized how unhealthy their diets were because they believed they were eating junk in moderation. The problem is that while they commendably never ate the same kind of junk food more than once or twice per month, they ate a wide enough variety of junk that rubbish dominated their diet.

These instances prove that even moderation should be practiced in moderation. Hmmm…are we proving or disproving the rule now? I’m not sure, but have a good week!

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