Super Bowl Snacks

Watching football (i.e., hours of sedentary snacking and high adrenaline) is the optimal condition for promoting blood sugar spikes, fat storage and inflammation, if you don’t watch it.

One way to reduce the risk is to do a good workout before the game, to deplete your muscles of glycogen. Another option is to choose healthier snacks to replace the chips and pizza. Here are some ideas:

  • pepitas: toasted spiced pumpkin seeds
  • toasted sunflower seeds
  • toasted salted coconut slivers (try Dang brand, unsweetened)
  • bell pepper slices dipped in toasted sesame oil and tamari
  • jicama sticks dipped in guacamole
  • hummus lettuce wraps
  • slices of cucumber with toasted sesame seeds sprinkled on top
  • celery dipped in almond butter
  • kale chips (just bake kale at 350 and see how much it resembles Pringles!)
  • turkey slices wrapped around asparagus spears
  • hearts of romaine dipped in low-fat ranch dip
  • chicken skewers
  • shrimp cocktail
  • toasted sunflower seeds or spiced pumpkin seeds
  • walnuts or almonds (in the shell, to slow you down)

If skipping your favorite junk food bums you out, take heart: Research shows that most people mindlessly much on anything within reach during the Super Bowl, and enjoy it the same whether it’s raw veggies or hard core junk food.

So make us proud Sunday! And please share your healthy snack ideas. We can never have too many.

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