Why NOW is the easiest time to give up sugar

If all the latest reports of how sugar is truly addictive, feeds cancer cells, raises cholesterol, inflammation and risk of depression–just to name a few–has you thinking you need to ditch it once and for all, then consider doing it NOW.

Here’s why THIS IS THE BEST TIME OF YEAR to get off sugar with the least struggle:

  • Summer fruit can help transition your taste buds. Try putting cinnamon on peaches, plums, berries and apricots. Try filling a hollowed-out half of papaya with unsweetened yogurt and chopped nuts. See how unsweetened cocoa sprinkled on watermelon tastes like fudge cake. By the time these delights are out of season, your taste buds will have adjusted to hopefully not even enjoy sugary foods anymore.

  • The long days, fun and warmth of summer are better than dark cold winter nights for riding out the discomfort of any withdrawal symptoms.

  • Extra sunlight and heat help lighten appetites and weaken cravings.

  • Getting out for a walk at night can replace the endorphins or comfort that a sugary dessert may have been giving you.

  • Extra sunlight helps boost mood, which makes it easier to resist the brief high of sugary treats.

So consider saying goodbye to sugar…at least for the summer. Most clients who do so are amazed at how much better their bodies and brains feel without it. You’ll never know til you try it.

Happy summer!

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