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POTSies who drink a lot: Cool tool for avoiding contaminants in tap water

tapwaterThe POTS Expert Consensus Statement recommends drinking up to 2-3L water per day, which is about twice what the average American drinks.  It means the stakes are higher for us when it comes to contaminants in drinking water.  Luckily, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has made it easy to your check local drinking water, and if needed, get the best water filter for removing excess contaminants.

First the bad news: Data recently compiled by the EWG shows that the vast majority of American drinking water supplies have issues with contaminants. Out of 50,000 utilities studies, 40,000 tested positive for cancer-causing chemicals and 19,000 had lead levels high enough to potentially harm children. Yikes–that’s depressing!

Butnow for the good news: They have created a website where A) you can enter your zip code and see results for your local tap water, and B) find the best water filters to reduce your exposure.

Here is the website.

This work was done by the same heroes that produce the yearly “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen” lists to help us know when it matters most to buy organic produce. If you value their information, consider supporting them. Thanks, Environmental Working Group–we appreciate you!

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