Will power

Four ways to boost willpower

Want more willpower? Of course you do! Here are 4 ways to get more, according to Stanford health psychologist Kelly McGonigal:

1. Get more sleep.

Sleep helps you maintain the brain chemistry needed for good willpower, by helping the prefrontal cortex stay strong and engaged. 8 hours is enough for most people and 6 hours leaves you in trouble. Power naps can help.

2. Meditate.

Just 10-15 daily minutes was shown to improve willpower and increase gray matter in the prefrontal cortex in just 8 weeks! The Headspace app will show you how to meditate for free.

3. Replace self-criticism with self-compassion.

Studies have shown that if you speak kindly to yourself, as you would a good friend, you actually become more able to resist candy!

4. Practice using it.

Start small, perhaps with just a goal of having better posture, and watch how succeeding at small goals will lead you to succeed at meeting ever bigger ones.

Details and more great tips are in McGonigal’s book: The Willpower Instinct: How self-control works. Why it matters. What you can do to get more of it.

Ok, be great with all that willpower!

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