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Valentine’s Menu Ideas

heartsNothing shows true love like food that is both romantic and healthy. Here are some Valentine’s ideas to get you started:


  • Flowering tea served in a glass mug or wine glass, so your Sweetie can watch it blossom
  • Heart-shaped dallop of salsa on top of a veggie omelet
  • Yogurt or oatmeal with berries shaped in a heart on top
  • Sprinkle cocoa nibs or cocoa powder on fruit, to promote feelings of looooove

Lunch or Dinner:

  • Sexy salad–Did you know that lettuce was considered an aphrodisiac in Victorian times?
  • Add wild Alaskan salmon or other cold water fish, for a youthful heart and brain
  • Add heart-shaped carrot and cucumber slices to look like confetti
  • Black forbidden rice is exotic and exciting…as grains go
  • Mole sauce contains cocoa powder, so theoretically promotes feelings of love
  • Parsley and mint, in recipes or just as a garnish, can help keep your breath fresh and kissable

After Dinner:

  • A brisk walk with your Sweetie not only prevents blood sugar spikes, but also promotes physical attraction. Research suggests that having an elevated heart rate together gets mis-attributed to love and attraction. What a perk!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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