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Save money while eating better

Did you get your taxes all done and submitted?  Whew, that feels good!  But it leaves me thinking about how to spend less money this year. Here are four ways that can also help you eat healthier:

1. Get fresh food straight from a local farm with a CSA membership.
Community supported agriculture (CSA) programs mean that you buy shares in a family farm and get a weekly delivery of goodies. You typically pay less than at the store, because there is no middleman. It also benefits farmers. A Google search can tell you about options near you.

2. Replace conventional meat with more vegan meals.
Most Americans overeat animal protein, and conventional methods (i.e., from concentrated animal feeding operations) use hormones, antibiotics, high-pesticide feed, and other cost-cutting measures that appear increasingly terrible for human health. Plus, researchers at the USC Longevity Institute report that reducing protein intake, especially from animal foods, is healthy in numerous ways that promote slower and healthier aging.

3. Skip meals when you don’t feel like eating.
I know, I know… Researchers have done a complete 180 on this one. But skipping a meal now and then is currently believed to be good for gut health, and most people do not grossly overeat afterwards, as previously thought. In fact, research suggests that people only eat about 110% at the meal following a short fast.

4. Drink less alcohol.
You’ve probably been seeing the depressing headlines about how any benefits from alcohol have been overhyped. Some studies about the benefits of resveratrol were even fraudulent and retracted. Bummer! … but a good opportunity to save money and get healthier.

What else do you do to eat healthier and save money? I’d love to hear about it!

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