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Power of fruit and veggies on mental health

Academic journal articles aren’t known for being inspiring, but I came across a paragraph that made me say “Whoa!”  It does such a beautiful job of summarizing the findings on how fruit and vegetable intake (FVI) can affect mental health in so many ways. See if you find this paragraph as powerful as I did. (Note:… Continue reading Power of fruit and veggies on mental health

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POTS and Gut Health: 15 habits that may help

Growing evidence suggests that autoimmune conditions can stem from poor gut health AND that many cases of POTS/dysautonomia are autoimmune. Even people without without autoimmune problems should prioritize gut health because growing evidence links it to numerous aspects of health, both physical and mental. So here’s a handy list of 15 ways to promote better gut health:… Continue reading POTS and Gut Health: 15 habits that may help

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My Pre-IVIg (and Pre-Flight) Snacks

Before I get IVIg I like to eat a breakfast including some fresh salsa, guacamole, pesto, bruschetta or other food that includes crushed raw garlic.  Is it because I want others to go running from my bad breath?  Nope--it's because crushed raw garlic might have health properties to help prevent all three of my IVIg-related… Continue reading My Pre-IVIg (and Pre-Flight) Snacks

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Natural help for migraines and headaches

If you suffer from headaches or migraines (and the word “suffer” may be an understatement), here is some good news: There are three natural, easy treatments that excelled when put to the test of randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials. 1. Ginger. A 2014 study with 100 patients found that 1/8th teaspoon ginger powder worked as… Continue reading Natural help for migraines and headaches

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More Potassium for Salt Lovers

Here's some good news for folks who need to lower their blood pressure, but who love their salt: Increasing Potassium helps reduce your blood pressure as much as lowering sodium. Research from Harvard Medical School found that it's the ratio of sodium to potassium--rather than the absolute amount of sodium--that most determines your risk for… Continue reading More Potassium for Salt Lovers